1. BBC: Tales of Television Centre

    Cut to 1:42

    Really interesting (I think, at least) documentary about the historic BBC Television Centre, where programs including Monty Python and the old Doctor Whos were made. Actors and technical staff are interviewed in this, and each one has a different interesting story to tell about their time in Television Centre. They make really good use of old historic footage and archived television programmes as well.

    The good ol’ days of Television Centre are no more, sadly. The Beeb has put the building up for sale, and they have stated that they will be ending all BBC production in the building, by (they hope) the end of 2013, and to have the building vacant by 2015.

    Luckily the building will not be demolished, as parts of Television Centre are now a Grade II listed building, but it will still be sad to know that it will never be like it was again.  (And I say that as someone who has wanted to work in television since I was little.)

    At the end of the program, actress Penelope Keith says “It was an iconic building on it’s own, with the cars in the middle, all that’s changed, and certainly the inside has changed, radically. And, um, it seems awfully corporate to me now.”

    She hit the nail on the head there.

    (Also, it seems the historic Granada Television Studios are facing a similar fate.)

  2. BBC Panorama: Stadiums of Hate

    Racism and Euro 2012

  3. Happy 2012 everyone. Hope you all had a good night, and I hope all of your hangovers aren’t too bad.

    Here is what London was up to last night.

  4. John Lennon - Mind Games

    From the album “Mind Games”

    From the booklet of the “Lennon Legend" DVD:

    On November 15, 1974 a BBC film crew, directed by John, spent a day with him around Central Park and various other locations in New York, to make a video for “Whatever Gets You Through The Night”. The video was never broadcast, but a small amount of the footage emerged as a very short edit for “#9 Dream” in February 1975. We unearthed all the original camera film reels from the day, which were very aged and damaged from decay and scratching, cleaned them up, and discovered incredibly charismatic footage of John, obviously greatly enjoying himself on a sunny day out.

  5. Charlie Brooker on Steve Jobs and the iPad (Newswipe - BBC Four - S2E3 - Feb 2, 2010)

  6. Also this:

    But @tubecrush decided not to ask for pictures of women as “we felt like men taking pictures of women on the tube feels different - it’s not the same as gay men or women taking pictures of other men,” said Mr Kaufman.

    So it’s only weird when a guy does it? Hate to break it to ya, but it’s just weird in general, no matter who does it.

  7. So far 525 people have been arrested and more than 100 people being charged in connection with violence in the capital.

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh said the use of plastic bullets - never before fired to deal with riots in England - would be “considered carefully” in the event of further disorder.

    But he added: “That does not mean we are scared of using any tactic.”

    Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin had earlier ruled out calling in the Army.

  8. BBC News screengrab showing the Sony Distribution Warehouse in Enfield ablaze. (Screengrab from 5 hours ago as of this posting, so it’s a tad outdated)

    BBC News screengrab showing the Sony Distribution Warehouse in Enfield ablaze. (Screengrab from 5 hours ago as of this posting, so it’s a tad outdated)


  10. (via BBC News)

  11. Voshybaby just posted this hilarious video on my Facebook. It’s of the brilliant British comedy duo Mitchell and Webb doing a spoof of the whole “Jesus and Mary being found in food” malarkey, from their BBC2 sketch show That Mitchell and Webb Look.

    British comedy always wins. When, in America, shows like Two and a Half Men, Tosh.0 and Family Guy are the most watched comedy shows, it always makes me feel better that Britain is still exporting primo comedy.

  12. Everyones talkin about “Dear John” by Taylor Swift now adays.

    I still prefer “Dear John” by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals.

    (From BBC4 Sessions - Summer 2007)

    Also, make it 480p folks!

  13. Mmm, Pi.

    In today’s edition of “Dear god it goes on forever” — Yahoo computers manage to find the 2,000,000,000,000,000th (Two Quadrillionth) digit of Pi — the never ending quest to find the circumference of a circle. (We’ll get it someday!)

    Math students all over the world have slaved over the never ending series of digits that start “3.14” and continue into infinity, and now it seems students will have to remember yet another digit.

    From the BBC:

    Nicholas Sze, of technology firm Yahoo, determined that the digit - when expressed in binary - is 0.

    Mr Sze used Yahoo’s Hadoop cloud computing technology to more than double the previous record.

    The computation took 23 days on 1,000 of Yahoo’s computers, racking up the equivalent of more than 500 years of a single computer’s efforts.

    The heart of the calculation made use of an approach called MapReduce originally developed by Google that divides up big problems into smaller sub-problems, combining the answers to solve otherwise intractable mathematical challenges.

    At Yahoo, a cluster of 1,000 computers implemented this algorithm to solve an equation that plucks out specific digits of pi.

    My feeble brain just hurts thinking about it.

    Read the rest of the article for a better explanation.