1. 26 Day Christmas Challenge (Day 10-12)

    Day 10 - Have you kissed someone under the mistletoe? - Not that I can remember. If I have it would have been with Jen :)

    Day 11 - What kind of Christmas tree do you have? - An invisible one. The most popular kind it seems.

    Day 12 Do you take part in Secret Santa? - Not really no. I’m a poor bastard.

  2. Sometimes it seems like ‘art’ is just nothing.

    We’re talking about what should be considered “art” in one of our classes today, and basically what everyone concludes to (for fear of being branded a narrow minded, art-square) is that everything is art, from a masterful portrait painting, to someone throwing paint randomly at a brick wall without any meaning; art, even when unoriginal, should still be considered just as much art as its original inspiration; that everything is art, and that when someone says that what they have made is “art”, that is indisputable, because art is subjective.

    So then what the hell is ‘art’ anyway, other than just ‘life’?

    Does calling something “art” really mean anything? Is it anything more than just some vague conceptual idea with an ever changing definition?

    Is art just, life itself?

    Is art just, nothing?


  3. Ugh

    RANT. If incoherent, that’s why.

    I’m watching this documentary on John Lennon right now, and it’s talking about the 1970s when John became engrossed in politics in the US, protesting the Vietnam War, Nixon, and “Give Peace a Chance,” and one thought that keeps going through my head is — “woah. This stuff would never happen now adays.”

    And it’s true. We don’t care as much as we used to.

    Back in the 70s you had famous protest songs from people like Lennon, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Young etc, millions of students were interested in politics, and were going to rallies, and they actually cared. People, both students and adults, were so involved, it puts our era to shame. 

    Now adays, people are so fucking complacent its embarrassing. There are no good protest songs - at all - anymore, about anything. It seems all students want to do now is party and have a good time (I mean they’ve always wanted to do this, but it seems to take up 90% of their time.) All the songs on the radio are shallow, and talk about nothing but partying, drinking, and clubbing, like that’s all life is and that’s all life should be — screw the fact that there are problems that could be fixed — nooo, it would ruin our good time man!

    We try to protest now, and we wind up protesting about something like the G20, where lots of people cram into the downtown part of a city, and break stuff for no reason other than the fact that they can. I’m not saying that there has never been vandalism and stuff being broken during protests in the past, it just seems like that’s all it is now. You protest about something, and you just know some twats wearing all black are going to come and smash windows, and light a police car on fire for no apparent reason. 

    It’s either that, or people just sit at their computers and think they are doing something to fight the problem. (I’m guilty of this, so I’m one to talk.)

    Basically what I’m trying to say is back then people actually cared about stopping war, and corruption. People cared about collective problems. That the stuff going on affects us all so we all should be doing something about it. Not really anymore — everyone is too focused on their own personal problems.

    Now people just worry about how they lost their phone, or what time something is on TV, or who is talking smack about them on Facebook.

    We’ve become lazy, complacent, and one-dimensional, and it’s embarrassing.


    *man this sounds preachy. Sorry >_<