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    Things you can do with $5:

    • Buy five Dorito’s Locos Tacos
    • Hire people to do random tasks
    • Buy 50 individual Reese’s miniature peanut butter cups at 7-11
    • Download five unpopular songs on iTunes
    • Download three popular songs on iTunes
    • Download a podcast from iTunes (and STILL HAVE $5)
    • Cash it in for 500 pennies, then spread them on the floor and roll around in them
    • Give it to a homeless person and make their day
    • Donate to your local NPR affiliate
    • Donate to your local PBS affiliate
    • Subscribe to the ad-free version of Spotify for a month
    • Buy the New York Times two days in a row
    • Buy a newspaper anywhere outside of New York for five days in a row
    • Rent five movies from Red Box
    • Buy cookies at lunch every day for a whole week (assuming you’re in middle school)
    • Get five crappy items at the 99 cent store
    • Take the subway somewhere nice in New York — twice
    • Drive over the Golden Gate Bridge
    • Buy a share of Facebook stock (give it a few more months)
    • Piss off a lot of people on Tumblr by wasting it on a pinned post