1. 26 Day Christmas Challenge (The “I forgot to do it” edition)

    Day 23: Ham or Turkey? - I like a hybrid of both. A ham stuffed inside a turkey, inside another turkey, with a ham stuffed inside. And bacon.

    Day 24: Do you go to a church service or go caroling? - No and no. The last time I carolled, I had the police called on me. Though that may have had something to do with me not wearing pants. I’m not really sure.

    Day 25: Does your family have a Christmas breakfast or dinner? - Both. My family likes to eat. We all weigh 500lbs.

    Day 26: How was your Christmas? - My Christmas was very good. A++. Would Christmas again.

  2. 26 Day Christmas Challenge (Day 18-22)

    Day 18: Which lights are better: white or colored and blinking or still? - Coloured and still. Though everyone has their favourite.

    Day 19: If you were an elf what would your name be? - Elfis Presley

    Day 20: What color ornaments do you put on your tree? - I don’t have a tree, so no ornaments for me :( Though I could just tape some ornaments to my wall, that could work.

    Day 21: What kind of tree you have: fake or real? If real, what type? - I have a wall, like I said. It’s white and made of drywall.

    Day 22: Do you hang a wreath up? - My Dad has one on his door. I find wreaths overrated. #christmashipster [I don’t actually, I just don’t have one.]

  3. 26 Day Christmas Challenge (Fuck I’m Really Lagging Edition)

    Day 13: Have you ever had a white Christmas? - I live in Canada, so yes.

    Day 14: How many Christmas cards do you usually send out? - A few. Not a whole lot. Usually to family. This year I was planning on making my own, but I haven’t started yet. [guh.]

    Day 15: Have you started Christmas stocking yet? - What? You mean wrapping presents? Yes.

    Day 16: When did you find out Santa wasn’t real? - I remember the day quite vividly. I was sitting in my favourite chair, puffing on my favourite Calabash pipe that I got as a gift from the great writer Ted Hughes shortly before his passing, and my mother walked up to me and solemnly stated that Santa Claus was in fact a fictional character from religious folklore whose western depiction as a big man with a white beard was a creation by illustrator Thomas Nast. It was at that point that I realized my life up to that point was a lie. I was devastated.

    Day 17: Have you ever been to a Christmas parade? - Many actually. Not recently though. Jen and I were supposed to go this year but we had other plans.

  4. 26 Day Christmas Challenge (Day 10-12)

    Day 10 - Have you kissed someone under the mistletoe? - Not that I can remember. If I have it would have been with Jen :)

    Day 11 - What kind of Christmas tree do you have? - An invisible one. The most popular kind it seems.

    Day 12 Do you take part in Secret Santa? - Not really no. I’m a poor bastard.

  5. Running Behind: Christmas Challenge

    Day 5: Favourite Christmas memory - Can’t think of one off the top of my head. Too many. Probably watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve every year though.

    Day 6: Who is your favourite reindeer? - Dasher. The most underrated reindeer I think. Right at the beginning of the name list. By the time they hit Rudolph it’s like everyone’s forgotten about Dasher, you know?

    Day 7: Have you been naughty or nice this year? - I wasn’t really keeping track to be honest.

    Day 8: What is your favourite food at Christmas time? - Terry’s Chocolate Orange, candy cane ice cream, turkey.

    Day 9: What are you doing for Christmas this year? - Not totally sure at the moment, but I believe [for Christmas Day] my sister is coming into London from Peterborough, and her, Dad, and I [Jen possibly too] are doing Christmas together. Since Mom is in Winnipeg, she won’t have Christmas with us like she did last year (I went to Winnipeg) but I’m planning on putting Skype on the TV so it’ll be like she’s there with us, somewhat. For Christmas Eve I’m going with Jen to her Nannys. Boxing Day is a big ?

  6. Day 3/4

    Forgot to do it yesterday, so here are Day’s 3 and 4 for the 26 Day Christmas Challenge:

    3) Hot chocolate or apple cider: hot chocolate of course.

    4) Does your family have any traditions: not that I’m aware of. For a long time (when we were little) we would read the same Christmas book every year on Christmas Eve. That kinda devolved into watching A Christmas Story every year on TBS. If anything, we probably don’t have any. Unless you count jumping in present wrapping on Christmas morning as one, in which case I guess we do!

    More tomorrow!

  7. 26 Day Christmas Challenge

    I’m doing one of these because a) I’ve never taken part of one of these lame Tumblr list thingys, so I figured I would give it a shot and b) wash, rinse, repeat.

    Anyway, It’s already the 2nd, so here goes.

    1) Favorite Christmas song: that would have to be “The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole. Lovely piece of music.

    2) Favourite Christmas movie: A Christmas Story. Hands down. “Randy lay there like a slug. It was his only defense.”

    More tomorrow.

    I’m lame :)

  8. Photography Life

    My photography course summed up by class.

    Creative - “Alright, go away for an hour and a half”
    Theory - “Yay internet browsing time!”
    Science - “ZZZzzzz - wha what, whats going on?”
    Mac - “Go make a presentation full of words and music and happy and sunshine.”
    Productions - “Goddamn Photoshop…”

  9. Albums You Need to Hear NOW

    Graciepoo / Flickr

    Here is a short list of some albums I’ve heard in the last year or so that I have loved, and wish other people loved as well. This isn’t all of the music I recommend, just some of it.

    I have a big selection of albums to choose from on my computer, but the ones listed below are the ones that I loved the most - the best of the best in other words.

    Hope you enjoy! Check them out! (iTunes them or something)


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