I said nothing when they made a Garfield movie. I said nothing when they made, not one, but two Alvin movies. I said nothing when they made a Yogi Bear movie. (Actually, I think I said something, but I can’t remember.)

    But a Smurfs 3D movie?


    I didn’t think movie studios were that out of ideas, but apparently the executives at Sony Pictures turned to each other and said “you know what we need? Another cruddy CGI 3D movie that will get kids to drag their parents to the theatre so they can spend tons of money on overpriced tickets.”

    It’s gotten to the point where every week, there is another movie coming out, with a big 3D tacked onto the end of it.

    And it’s gotten to the point where, someone, somewhere, for whatever reason, thought turning another old cartoon series into a modernized, urbanized, CGI movie was a decent idea. (But c’mon — we all know this is just for profit.)

    And no matter how many negative reviews you throw at these piles of cinema vomit, they keep coming out with them. And for whatever reason, the writers/producers/director/studio find it funny, and “hip” to urbanize the characters of these old cartoons, just to appeal to the next stupid tween generation. Be it with celebrity cameos from the latest hack, making the characters talk in ‘gangsta’ slang, or having them do a full out cover of a recent pop/urban song. (See Alvin)

    Or to make the humour really really really stupid (Yogi).

    And for whatever reason, people still pay money to see them.



    [also this is my 1700th post!]