1. Increasingly, I’ve started recognizing this kind of behavior for what it is: privilege-checking as a form of internet sport. It’s a kind of trolling, with all the politics I agree with, but motivations and execution that turns my stomach. It’s well-intended (SO well-intended), but when the motivations seem to be less about opening dialogue about the issues, and more about performance, righteousness, and intolerance for those who don’t agree with you… well, I’m not on-board.

    This is where it starts to feel like the “GOD HATES FAGS!” sign-wavers. While the political sentiments are exactly opposite, the motivations are remarkably similar: I WOULD LIKE TO DERAIL THIS CONVERSATION AND HAVE AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE WITNESS HOW RIGHT I AM. I don’t care if your politics are progressive and your focus is on social justice: if you’re shouting at people online and refusing to have a dialogue, you’re bullying. I don’t care if you’re fighting the good fight: your methods are borked. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting for the one true phrase that we should all use to describe the Romani people, or fighting for the one true God… if you’re fighting in a way that’s more about public performance, shaming, and righteousness, I’m not fighting with you.

  2. shortformblog:

Tumblr’s getting a dashboard redesign today, which will allow people to post straight from the dashboard rather than a separate interface. You know, like Twitter. ”Now you’re making posts the same way you’re reading them,” the company says. Thoughts?


    Tumblr’s getting a dashboard redesign today, which will allow people to post straight from the dashboard rather than a separate interface. You know, like Twitter. ”Now you’re making posts the same way you’re reading them,” the company says. Thoughts?

  3. GIF Tumblrs are drained Kuleshovian experiments. Their content is empty. After all, several frames of Jeff Bridges hypnotically shaking his head in The Big Lebowski can be positioned in infinite ways. Its meaning—in this case, its humour—arises solely through the juxtaposition of text and image. GIF Tumblrs don’t offer jokes so much as the experience of understanding a joke—the a-ha moment that limns the gap between a setup and a punch line. As Tumblr thins down the internet’s vast goofiness into a series of flippant photos, a certain attitude emerges: an elevated, self-congratulatory sense of getting it. Being in on the joke is the joke.
  4. Slow Period

    I haven’t really been posting on here lately, and I’m pretty sure most of you know why. I’ve become rather disillusioned with Tumblr and the people on it. I used to post photographs and old stuff and news articles all the time (check my archive!) but I’ve really cut down in the last few months. It really stems from last summer when I got in a row over a post about the London riots. That caused me to sink into somewhat of a depression (or funk, as you will) where I stopped writing for a number of months, and I never really got back into doing it. It’s basically been a downhill climb from there.

    I view Tumblr more now adays with a negative view, poisoned by narcissists, social justice bloggers and people who reblog posts both without sourcing anything or seeing if what they’re reblogging is actually accurate. I mean, that’s the internet in a nutshell, but it seems to be put into hyper-speed here. Where one post can snowball, and before you know it, thousands have read a misleading fact, or some out-of-context statistic. 

    I guess that’s the ‘future of blogging’.

    Maybe I’m just fed up with seeing gifs of Sherlock and Avengers and pointless walls of text that don’t say anything of any importance, but give off the impression that they do.

    I’ll post here from time to time, but I’m really seeing a slow and steady decline in how many times I visit the website.

    This article sums up some of my other problems.

    I’ll be around.


  6. Sit back and watch the reblogs roll in…

    Sit back and watch the reblogs roll in…

  7. The Social Justice League

    The Social Justice League


  8. "Hey this is a nice image. I wonder who shot it. Oh wait, this is tumblr, who knows and who cares, right?"

  9. "Hey, that’s a nice image. I think I’ll leave the photographers name right here in the description where it should be."

    - Said no one on Tumblr.

  10. Joss Whedon’s stuff is cheesy and his dialogue is terrible.


  12. I’ll be back on Tumblr just as soon as you all are done wanking off eachother

  13. Yet people on the Tumblrsphere can only seem to bitch about the stupid shit coming out of Romney’s mouth..

  14. Tumblr Bias

    Tumblr has some terrible observation bias when it comes to certain issues. It also makes you have observation bias yourself.

    Hence I don’t use tumblr too much for news anymore..

    Not even getting started on confirmation bias..
  15. Article written in response to this Salon piece, asserting that anti-obesity is kin to homophobia.

    While it may be the case that obesity should not be seen as a disease, it is and should be seen as a disease-causing factor. A long-term study of men ages 40 to 65 with a BMI between 25 and 29 found they have 75% increase in risk of coronary heart disease, and overweight women a 50% increase. Furthermore, hypertension (which can lead to congestive heart failure), is three times more common in obese individuals. In 2006, another study found that in 2002-2003, nearly 60% of newly diagnosed diabetics were obese, and that in 1997, 18.3 of every 1000 obese people were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, as compared to only 2 of every 1000 individuals of normal weight.

    Despite these diabetes statistics, the article claims that attempts to “lessen the prevalence of diabetes by eliminating ‘obesity’ makes no more sense than trying to lessen the prevalence of HIV infection by eliminating ‘homosexuality’.” The fallacy in this argument is that while there is nothing intrinsic in the biology of gay people that predisposes them to HIV infection, insulin resistance is a well documented result of obesity that can lead to diabetes.