2. How not to offend. Which on the internet is near bloody impossible.

    So, you’ve managed to offend someone. Congratulations! Welcome to the World Wide Web, home of people who don’t know you personally but now hate your guts. Don’t fret, it’s happened to everyone. Sooner or later, something you say will offend someone, and bam you’re in Angry Town. Population: you, and everyone who has an immediate reaction to things they see on the internet that they don’t agree with.

    So, how do you keep yourself out of Angry Town you ask? Well, it’s simple really. All you have to do is not say anything. That’s it. Don’t say anything. Ever. Just keep your mouth shut and don’t talk. Hell, don’t even breathe if you can because, hey, you might offend the fishes with all your fancy breathing. Also, don’t voice your opinions, or call out someone else’s opinions, oh and don’t say anything someone could misinterpret (which, on the internet, is a lot). Just cover your eyes and go stand in the corner over there. Everything will be ok.

    Or so it would seem at least, for you see, if everyone followed this rule, we wouldn’t have any discussion or debate, people wouldn’t become more knowledgeable, problems wouldn’t get solved, opinions themselves wouldn’t be formed. And that’s not good, right? Everyone would just be sitting, silently twiddling their thumbs for fear that someone will be offended. If thumb-twiddling was deemed offensive by someone, then we would really be screwed.

    Someone said something ignorant? Better not say anything, they might get offended. You found something stupid? Want to vent about this? Want to call that opinion illogical? Well, better keep it to yourself. Someone could be offended! Wouldn’t want that now would we? Imagine, someone being offended. I can’t think of a worse thing really. I honestly can’t. I’m trying really hard here. … Nope, nothing. Yay, happy times!

    So there, now you know how to not offend anyone. I told you it was simple. Yes, I know, it might feel strange at first, not saying anything that’s on your mind, but it’s ok. No more feeling the wrath of complete strangers on the internet for you! No more wanting to just crawl into bed and tell everyone to go to hell! No more month-long bouts of depression! And you know why? Because no one is offended by something you said. And the fun thing is, they never will be, because before you know it, you will have become an empty, opinionless, silent, shell.

    I know I have.


  3. Jack Layton
Poster: Stuart Thursby

    Jack Layton


    Poster: Stuart Thursby

  4. Sometimes it seems like ‘art’ is just nothing.

    We’re talking about what should be considered “art” in one of our classes today, and basically what everyone concludes to (for fear of being branded a narrow minded, art-square) is that everything is art, from a masterful portrait painting, to someone throwing paint randomly at a brick wall without any meaning; art, even when unoriginal, should still be considered just as much art as its original inspiration; that everything is art, and that when someone says that what they have made is “art”, that is indisputable, because art is subjective.

    So then what the hell is ‘art’ anyway, other than just ‘life’?

    Does calling something “art” really mean anything? Is it anything more than just some vague conceptual idea with an ever changing definition?

    Is art just, life itself?

    Is art just, nothing?


  5. It’s always a good laugh when people complain that the warning graphics on cigarette boxes are “too graphic.”

    … You’re fucking kidding, right?

    They’re supposed to be graphic, that’s the whole point. It’s trying to show you what will happen to you if you continue to smoke. The black lung, the bloody stool, everything. If you don’t like seeing it, then quit smoking. Addiction is a hard thing to quit, but you have to start somewhere, and why not start with the things that are killing you.

    Also, of all things, you’re complaining about the graphics on the side of a cigarette box? I swear. If these are grown adults complaining, that’s ridiculous.

    (Isn’t that weird, companies are selling us things that kill us. Corporate-aided suicide.)

  6. Read This Entire Thing

    From Reddit user nixonrichard - in real life, a college math professor - in response to the period in between high school and college. Read the whole thing here.

    Decades ago, high school graduation was the moment in a young adults life when they had the reigns of their own life handed to them. “Congratulations, you get more freedom and more responsibility … hope you survive and don’t fuck it all up.” Now it’s just “congratulations, you get to pick which college degree you shoot for, but it’s really not up to you, because we didn’t teach you shit about what types of college degrees you can get, and what those degrees mean, and what they allow you to do. Also, we never really gave you the option not to go to college. So, enjoy learning about something you kinda sorta think you want to do for the rest of your life.”

    I can’t tell you how many students come into my office their freshman year and say “I want to get a math degree” and then I look at their placement scores and I say “you tested into college algebra, why do you want a math degree?” “Because I like numbers.” “You are aware that mathematicians don’t work with numbers? If you like numbers, you should be an accountant.” “No. I’m gonna do math.”

    Of course, they never do math. They try to do math for two years, then switch to communication or english or something like that to waste another four years until they get a degree which they use to work in a call center or some other job unrelated to the degree which they didn’t want in the first place.

    And, you can’t blame the students. The current approach to education is basically a recipe for failure. We live in a society which mocks and frowns upon people who decide to get married after high school (having been with each other for years) yet we consider it perfectly acceptable to have a high school student decide what they want to do with the rest of their professional life with almost no guidance whatsoever. We take a person who is, by every other measure, young, dumb, and full of cum, and we force them to decide what to do with their life with hardly any assistance. Well, that’s not true, we “assist” them by handing this immature person $60,000 of debt … just to be helpful. You’re not old enough to decide whether or not you should have a drink, you’re not old enough to decide whether or not you should get married, you’re not old enough to decide whether or not you should have a child, you’re not even old enough to rent a car … but dammit, you’re old enough to decide to bury yourself in debt to get a degree in a field you know nothing about to get a job you know nothing about.

    We’re currently setup in the US to do a fantastic job of wasting 4-6 years of someone’s life and $60,000 of their money. And, unfortunately, the people who get fucked over the hardest are the ones who really could have used that money and those years to actually start succeeding in life (sans college).

    Sure, college benefits about 30% of the people who go to college. For the other 70%, the only real benefit of college is it’s a great opportunity for young people with hard bodies and tight skin fuck the ever-loving shit out of each other over and over and over again before their bodies and libidos go south due to the crushing weight of responsibility. It’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world, but I think for most people, college is a collection of 4 gap years between high school and the rest of their life. Dammit though, to think what kind of an amazing world vacation you could go on with 4 years with $60,000 to burn.


  7. Snippets

    Some quick mini-posts:

    • Someone left a piece of paper with New Testament scripture in my mailbox. On one side is Romans 10:9, and on the other is John 3:16. I don’t know who wrote it, or why it showed up randomly in my mailbox, and only my mailbox, but needless to say it gave me a bit of a chuckle. WHY CANT YOU PEOPLE LET ME NON-BELIEVE IN PEACE!? 
    • Photo Loans at Fanshawe is a nice but frustrating place — full of sarcasm, jokey attitudes, and at times, condescending tones. I just really wish one day I could go in there, and not feel like an imbecile. As a first year photo student, the second you walk in there, the atmosphere just yells “you are a first year — you are young — you are an idiot.” It’s very unwelcome, and I find myself trying to keep away from Photo Loans as much as possible.
    • I don’t really know what all the hype about Lady Gagas new single is about — I took a listen, and frankly it’s boring as shit. Boring song structure, lyrics that were written in 10 minutes, typical tempo and beats — it’s just rehashed everything really. Here’s someone who agrees.
    • Big news day, with some incredible reports out of Egypt (in case you haven’t already heard, which — if you follow my blog — you probably already have.)
    • I seriously can’t wait for this bloody cold weather to leave us all in peace. It’s miserable, it’s annoying, it’s just awful in every regard. Soon enough it will be spring. SPRING I TELLS YOU! MUWHAHAA.


  8. "Live your life, forget the drama and the bullshit, blah blah blah blah blah"

    Christ, the number of times I see this posted every day is mindboggling.

    Either people have really short attention spans and post it repeatedly so they can remember it — or everybodys lives are filled with “drama and bullshit” (whatever that even means — half the time teenagers now constitute ”mom saying I cant go to the kegger” as “drama and bullshit”)

    Heres an idea; live your life, and quit posting these “live your life” messages.

    Posting the message itself probably creates its own “drama and bullshit.”


    (Sorry, feeling ranty today. Must be the weather.)

  9. Poor Jim..

    Don’t ask me why, but for some reason I am watching Oprah at the moment. Nothing else happened to be on and Jenny McCarthy wound up on my screen. To be frank, I find her incredibly annoying. Not only for the fact that she continually spread misleading information regarding vaccinations and autism in children (which probably lead to a large number of the population not vaccinating their kids, putting them in danger of even worse illnesses) but for the fact that she acts like a 17 year old girl in a 38 year old womans body. [She posted this nonsense on the Huffington Post today.]

    Her appearance is that of a vapid giggly teenage girl who, instead of bettering herself as a person, spends all her time in front of the mirror focusing on her appearance. Alongside that, she espouses the personality that many women now a days seem to be adopting; that everything you wear has to be “sexy” and that you have to feel “sexy” all the time, and that your whole life basically revolves around shopping for unneeded material objects, and having cocktails with girlfriends while talking about the latest issue of Cosmo. [A good example is the Netflix where the woman, when confronted with a bare chested cave man, all of a sudden turns into a giggling school girl. ‘Oooh you have abs? Sexy!’)

    I know that is a horrible generalization and I myself am somewhat ashamed that I have prejudged this woman even though I don’t know her personally, but the fact that she sat there talking about her personal relationship with Jim like it was some TV show drama (like it was any of our business) all the while plugging her book “Love, Lust and Faking It” (complete with muscle-man clad cover) which she tells Oprah in a giggly voice that it’s “naughty naughty” is evidence enough.

    Again, I’m usually a rational level-headed person when it comes to this kind of thing, but she just irritates the living hell out of me. Going on Oprah to “dish” about your personal relationship with someone else after it fell apart, all the while hocking some claptrap that you should leave the relationship once it isn’t anymore fun, saying “I found that I was the love of my life” and that women, essentially, don’t need men for anything, and that men can be easily manipulated by women (oh the old cliche that men are pathetic and are complete numbskulls — you always make an appearance.)

    (To be frank, I support feminism - as I am a feminist myself. To that extent, I don’t support the ‘feminism’ that purports one gender being superior over another gender, as if the one gender has no flaws at all. We’re all flawed - we’re humans. You’re only causing damage by planting the idea in people’s heads that your gender is better than the other.)

    This post was out of nowhere yes, but it’s my blog, and I wanted to rant, and this was the result.

  10. I’m still baffled as to the fact that someone can look at this and be happy with deconstructing its creation down to a simple “God created the Universe.” It requires no knowledge of science, or the history of the universe, or even the basic theory of gravitational pull (and how the universe is continually expanding outwards, and is getting ever larger.)

    Seeing this and just saying “God did it.”

    To me it seems like a simplified way of understanding it without bothering to learn anything that actually makes it up. Basically, when something is too complex or hard to understand, you can tack on a “God did it” and all of a sudden, there you go. That’s the answer - case closed. No need to learn any farther.

    That someone can see all these particles, layers, carbon atoms, and the like, and the only thing they think is that “God created it” and nothing more bugs the crap out of me — and not as just an Atheist, but as someone who values learning.

    (Watch this)

  11. JS

    Watching Jersey Shore gives MTV more money, which gives Jersey Shore more seasons, which makes them more famous, which is why Im not watching MTV right now.

    The longer this show is on the air, the more teenagers will act like these twats. We already have enough shallow, vapid, obnoxious, narcissist, alcohol-obsessed teenagers as it is.


  12. Students.

    This post was hashed out yesterday while sitting in the DB Weldon library at UWO. Starting as some obscure thought, it mutated into the diatribe you see before you.

    Sitting in Weldon library you come to realize one thing; that the amount of writing happening before your eyes is of an excess one has a hard time comprehending. Just in “Room B” amongst the periodicals, there are probably about 40 students, all typing, researching, and reading away; jotting down notes and writing down sentences.

    But where does it all go? There are hundreds if not thousands of words being written and typed in this room alone. It baffles the mind to think that there are a multitude of rooms on the 5 other floors of this building, all with even more students doing the exact same thing. 

    Where will all this writing go? Where will all the jot notes end up? How much of said jot notes will even wind up being included in the final product? If I had to guess, not all of it, which means that there is a large quantity of discarded research just going into the wastebasket.

    Take the forty students in this room, and multiply it by (if I had to guess) at least 20, if not more, and you would get the number of students writing, jotting, highliting, typing, etcetera in just the DB Weldon library.

    A plethora of words and writings, which will ultimately be, what? Where will this large accumulation of literature end up and what value will it have even brought into the lives of its writers?

    All of these words and papers will be read by a professor, graded, and then (most likely) discarded. In a majority of cases, it will all probably be forgotten over the course of their future lifetime. Hours upon hours of researching ultimately forgotten; the time spent just frittered away on something that wouldn’t last, nay remembered.

    The caffeine flows through the veins of the students as they try to spend even more time finishing their work so it can be handed in before the deadline, because apparently all this work means something, and will somehow add to their future lives.

    Either that or they are all just wasting time another way; socializing without really socializing on the time sucker known as Facebook.

  13. Fuckin…

    Every so often I hear people like this, and their stupidity makes me want to hit them.

    Limited vocabulary: using “fuckin” every other word. "So I said that I was like, fuckin, angry about the, fuckin, thing that, fuckin, I told the guy like, fuckin, you, fuckin, better not fuckin piss me off like, fuckin, stupid.

    There are over a million words in the english language.


  14. Next Week..

    Well, here we are. The end of summer. School is starting next Tuesday, and I couldn’t be more excited.

    However, I basically wasted my summer, and it’s sad for me to say that. I don’t really do anything fantastical or wild or partyish during the summers off. This summer for example, many of my friends were working or were away. But I found things to do when I had nothing to do. I started watching Mad Men for example (hey, it’s something!) and I downloaded a bunch of movies (documentaries, Hitchcock, an old Scorcese) which I haven’t gotten around to watching but have a feeling I will eventually, and I got all my school stuff done and out of the way.

    Paid off all my first term tuition, got my laptop, got my buspass, my planner, and I found out a couple days ago that I got some money from an entrance bursary that I entered into at the beginning of summer. 

    Next week is the start of a new education, and a somewhat new life — though many things will be the same :P (Actually, pretty much most of it to be honest.)

    Now, all I have to do is get my OSAP loan so I can buy me a new better camera. :) (I’m lookin at you Canon 7D!)